The Time Tider by Sinéad O’Hart

What an exciting adventure, one that prompts the reader to think carefully and thoughtfully about time. Sinead O’Hart is a master of the plot thickener, one that gives the reader a new perspective on what they had thought was just an adventure. In this case, the reader is almost asked, what would you do with extra time, would you want to live forever regardless of how it came to be?

Mara and her Dad live in a van and travel constantly. She has no idea what he does when he is tinkering or what he sells to make money. They live a basic life and there are no frivolities or extras. Mara has never attended school or used a phone. So when her Dad vanishes before her eyes one day, Mara is quite shocked and begins asking important questions about his work.

She can hardly understand the complexities of his work as a Time Tider. Mara is abandoned with a strange set of instructions, ones that cannot be followed with the answers her father expected, so she must forge her own path. She must determine the answers to the questions only her father could answer.

She meets Jan and he invites himself along on the adventure to find her father. They find networks of people and must trust their instincts on who to trust and work together to form plans and escape routes. Danger lurks for the Time Tider and there are those who would abuse the power of time.

An amazing and adventurous story, and one that has certainly stayed with me. Imaginative and compelling, the reader will be challenged!

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