The Wildstorm Curse by Eve Wersocki Morris

Publishes 19 January 2023

A fabled witch, a powerful curse, a monster out for revenge…everything you need for a fantastic story!

Eve Wersocki Morris has such a knack for writing brilliant characters and building atmosphere that send chills up your spine. Her first book was exceptional and I dare to say that this is even better!

When Kallie wins a place at a theatre summer camp, she is overjoyed and though a bit shy, she can’t wait to get stuck in to a play and meet some new friends. Kallie has always wanted to be a playwright and it is her play that wins her a place. She meets Emilia and they form a quick friendship, despite a very rocky start for Kallie.

Kallie’s strange dreams begin the first night at camp and continue to come true throughout the week. The appearance of several “enchanted” people, anger from townsfolk and mysterious events all culminate in Kallie needing to play the role of hero. A role she prefers to pen than play!

Filled with action on stage and off, and with a brilliant cast of characters to meet, this is a superb story. I loved that Kallie wanted to be a playwright, it is something so unique! Though she is dyslexic, she perseveres and writes as an escape and way to relax.

There is so much more to write about this story but I would not want to spoil the book so please just buy it and enjoy it!

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