Picture Book Perfect

Today is the 2nd of January and I have been dismantling Christmas in between reading picture books. This is the first Picture Book Perfect of 2023 and these books would suit any school or home!

The Kiss by Eoin McLaughlin and Polly Dunbar, Publishing 5th January 2023 with Faber Childrens
From the creators of The Hug series, we now have The Kiss. A brilliant flip book that gives you two stories that intertwine beautifully in the middle. Tiger and Croc are ever so sleepy but they can’t find anyone willing to give them a goodnight kiss…until Mummy and Daddy arrive. The surprise in the middle is a super blended family with love and kisses aplenty. The middle illustration is worthy of hanging on a wall. This series is a true celebration of love, family and connections.
I send you a Hug by Anne Booth and Åsa Gilland, Publishing 5th January 2023 with Puffin
Big Bear is leaving and Little Bear feels sad but is assured of the love and connection they share through the ways we can show love and see it around us in nature. With lockdowns a part of our world, we all missed the simple hug and this book is a gentle comfort of finding hugs and love in birdsong, grains of sand and wind blowing through trees. Comforting and heart warming, this is a story to read often, especially in the absence of a loved one, whether through distance or bereavement. Lovely illustrations flow throughout the entire story.
Where? By Jordan Collins and Phil Lesnie, Published October 2022 with Allen & Unwin
A powerful story of a question asked too many times…”Where are you from?” Perfect for assemblies and sharing widely, the question is not truly, Where but why…why is your skin a different colour, why is your hair in that style? The child in the book knows they are from the same place as everyone else in the world, from the far reaches of the cosmos, from the planet Earth and through the evolution of man. Gloriously illustrated, this needs to be read and shared with all ages to bring about more empathy and understanding.
The Woman who Turned Children into Birds by David Almond and Laura Carlin, Published October 2022 with Walker Books
Joyous yet thought-provoking, this book from award winners is stunning in story and illustration. David Almond has created a whimsical story filled with silly words and imagination. Nanty Solo is turning children into birds and they take to the sky soaring, flying and finding happiness. The adults want rid of Nanty Solo who asks, “But what on Earth are you frightened of?”. The children encourage the adults to try and soon the sky is filled with soaring, swooping birds.
Dear Grandpa by Kate Simpson and Ronojoy Ghosh, Published October 2022 with Allen & Unwin
Though you may be far from a loved one, the simple joys of letter writing and imagination can make the distance seem shorter. Henry writes to his Grandpa about his new home and growing taller, making scientific comparisons while Grandpa writes back with imaginative and witty remarks about impossibilities. Both sides clearly miss each other but the joy of writing and receiving letters is so moving and loving in this book. The illustrations are so vibrant and colourful, making this an absolute delight to read.

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