Harley Hitch and the Fossil Mystery by Vashti Hardy

Illustrated by George Ermos and Published today by Scholastic

We are now into book three and I am a firm fan of Harley, her individuality, determination and ability to admit her mistakes, even if they were purely accidental.

In this adventure, the class are heading out fossil hunting with the new and aptly named Professor Anning. Feeling disappointed in her lack of discovery, Harley finally discovers a rare fossil. This 6 toed dinosaur fossil sends reverberations through the scientific world…is this an undiscovered species or a hoax?

Determined to prove it is a real creature, Harley invents a time machine but instead of sending herself back through history, she brings history to the future with some interesting consequences. Think fancy dress party with Romans and Queens!

Will Harley ever get to be Pupil of the Term, the title she so longs to have, even if it is just for one term. Frenemy, Fenelda is always on hand to remind Harley just how many times she has won and with her soaring new invention making a big impact, she is sure to win this term as well.

Join Harley for another brilliant adventure with the help from Sprocket, Cosmo and her grandpas! Will this term finally be Harley’s turn to win Pupil of the Term?

I can’t get enough of Harley or her colourful hair! Roll on more adventures with this brilliant character.

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