New Publisher: Noodle Juice

I love the description of new publisher, Noodle Juice. “The Noodle Juice team are firm believers in the importance of silliness in children’s publishing. We aim to be disruptive and challenge conventions with titles that help little people answer the big questions in an increasingly confusing world.”

In today’s blog post, I feature their first titles and share some insights into this new kid on the block.

These books definitely challenge convention and offer something new and exciting for readers. I can’t wait to see what Noodle Juice publish next!

What is Money? By Sarah Walden and Katie Rewse
This series is ideal for introducing concepts to young readers. What is money walks readers through the origins of money, uses of money and attitudes towards money. The quote says, “money makes the world go round” and it is vital that children understand the importance of money while also learning about how to use it wisely and for good purposes. Simply told and explained with brilliant illustrations throughout, this is a superb new series for young readers.
What is Philosophy? By Sarah Walden and Katie Rewse
This is a truly fantastic book as it tackles philosophy in a simple, accessible way. Questions that children may pose that adults might have a hard time tackling, like “What is love”, “what is beauty” or “what is knowledge”. Cleverly answered and with more stunning illustrations throughout, this will become a favourite for curious children. With What is art? And What is Music coming later in 2023, this is a series I would recommend widely.
Elephant Makes a Smell by Noodle Juice, Illustrated by Mr Griff
This hilarious, pongy book will have children giggling along as elephant introduces them to truly stinky smells. From rotten eggs, burnt bread and onion breath there is plenty to make children hold their noses. I love that Noodle Juice want to be disruptive and silly and this book is just that. In an easy to hold hardback format and brilliantly colourful, this will appeal to so many.
All the World’s a Stage by Sarah Walden and Hannah Li
This is perhaps my favourite from Noodle Juice as it explores a topic that many children are fascinated by- acting and the theatre. This brilliant book begins with quotes from Shakespeare and Alan Rickman, inspiring and relevant for the content. Everything from styles of theatre to roles within the industry and how to get started. This has so much practical advice and interesting information and I am sure many readers will be enthralled with it.

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