New Non-Fiction!

I love a thought-provoking and informative non-fiction book, something I can dip in and out of or share with someone with similar interests. These visually stunning books are just what I wanted to read this weekend.

The Very Hard Book by Idan Ben-Barak and Philip Bunting, Published by Allen&Unwin
This is a challenging book, one that provokes thought, discussion and puzzled expressions. It begins by explaining that the book will ask you to do hard things and they seem ridiculous as you read but they will challenge some readers entirely. The back page explains a bit about the task from different pages and looks at metacognition, memory and conflicting messages. It is a very clever book and the small creatures throughout add a light hearted appeal. The illustrations are amazing, making you feel like a tourist in a gallery or museum. Any age could read this and interpret it differently.
Super Questers The Case of the Missing Memory by Lisa Moss, Dr Thomas Bernard and Amy Willcox, Publishing February 2023
I used the first book in the Super Quester series with a class of children who were engaged, invested and excited by the interactive story. I plan on sharing the second book with them as well. The same characters are back and there is a new mystery to be solved along with help from the reader. All STEM based, children can use their skills to solve puzzles and clues. The blend of storytelling, STEM and interesting activities is genius and this class absolutely loved book 1. I think the added incentive of stickers is too good to refuse for KS1!
The Beasts Beneath our Feet by James Carter and Alisa Kosareva, Published by Little Tiger
Dinosaurs are a staple interest for many readers and it is the unknown aspects of dinosaurs and their lives keeps that interest alive. This rhyming poem is set out like a picture book with pages filled with brilliant illustrations, bringing to life trilobites, dinosaurs and woolly mammoths. Readers will recognise some of the better known dinosaurs and will discover what brought about their extinction. Encouraging readers to pick up a spade might just inspire the next generation of palaeontologists. This is a fantastic way to read a poem.
There are Mammals Everywhere by Camilla De La Bedoyere and Britta Teckentrup, Published by Big Picture Press
A wonderful introduction to mammals for ages 6+. Explaining what a mammal is, where it might live and how it feeds its young are just some of the facts and information that readers will discover. Visually stunning featuring illustrations from award winning Britta Teckentrup. Vibrant and colourful, readers will love spending time in this book. Featuring animals from around the world, there is much to see and learn. Ideal for classrooms and homes, animal loving readers will love this book. As part of a series, I would recommend them all!
Frozen Planet II by Leisa Stewart-Sharpe and Kim Smith, Published by Penguin
As I read this book, I was hearing the brilliant voice of Sir David Attenborough. This book focuses on animals who thrive and survive in the coldest parts of the world. It has the glossy appeal of a coffee table book for children and even my animal loving teen was enthralled. The illustrations are divine, moving from one cold place to another discovering the incredible animals living there. Brilliant facts fill the pages and you can’t help but shiver as you dive into the depths of the Arctic sea. I love books like this as they bring an inaccessible, inhospitable environment to life for us arm chair explorers.

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