Song Walker by Zillah Bethell

Zillah Bethell writes with heart and a talent for transporting the reader to the place and time the story is set. I felt so much of this story and could picture the setting and characters as though I were there.

Wondrous, heart warming and filled with the page leaping characters of Tidda and Tarni.

Their stories are vastly different but will become interwoven through time. As you read, you feel compelled to immerse yourself in the story of these girls. One from a rich background with parents determined to choose her path for her and another from a First Country Australian background where respect for the land is known and belief in spirit walkers are understood.

With their journey filled with chat, questions and twists, you can’t help but love each of them. You also wonder how they can possibly survive the dangers they encounter on this journey.

The ending is something of a surprise for the reader and one I wish I saw coming but I enjoyed every word on every page and when the end arrived, I was not ready and my emotions caught up with me. I recall the same experience with The Shark Caller and loving the book even more for the twist.

I loved it!

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