Glitter Boy Blog Tour

My reading set up- tissues, Mariah and Glitter Boy

This story is a warm hug, groovy dance moves and hitting the high notes of knowing yourself!

James, the main character loves his Nan, his friends and Mariah Carey. As we read his story, you can’t help but love them too!

James glitters and sparkles with love and joy even though life is tough, both at home and at school. Mum has chosen her career over James and both he and his dad are struggling to make this new situation work. Dad burns most meals and seems reluctant to talk to James about serious subjects. There are moments of slamming doors, cross words and silence. There are also moments of pure love, acceptance and grief.

Paul, a boy in James’s class has been bullying him for ages, though it now seems to be getting more intense and regular, involving more of the class. I loved the scene where James’s Dad confronts the bully. As a parent of similar aged children, I was fully supportive of dad’s actions. I think this was a huge turning point in the relationship between James and his dad, one that was absolutely necessary and full of hope.

As you read the story of James, you see an entire montage of emotion and hardship and it hits hard at times. I love that Ian Eagleton poured his whole heart into this story and I challenge you to read it without tears…both happy and sad!

Incredibly told, funny and heartfelt and perfect for empathy building.

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