The Case of The Lighthouse Intruder by Kereen Getten

The first in an incredible new series from Kereen Getten, Publishing June 2023 with Pushkin Press

Kereen Getten has this incredible power to transport her readers to a new country and culture, where we meet vibrant characters and get stuck into a wonderful story.

This book, I am thrilled to learn, is the first in a new detective series for young readers. Fayson wants to be a detective when she grows up and spends a lot of time reading mystery stories and banking the tips and understanding for when that happens.

She lives with her Mama, who works long hours as a nurse but whose love is true, though her time is strapped. When an invitation to spend the holidays with her rich cousins arrives, Fayson is unsure, expecting tricks from them like in previous years. She is pleasantly surprised when she is presented into their secret club and given a mystery to solve. Though it comes with a strict time frame from a bossy club member.

Navigating her cousins richer lifestyle and expectations, meeting and figuring out the other club members and solving the shadow in the lighthouse mystery occupy much of her time but she really misses her Mama.

Discoveries and clues lead Fayson to a surprising conclusion and it shakes the entire island community.

This is an exceptional story with characters who leap off the page and I am definitely signing up for this entire series featuring Fayson, Aaron, Omar, Gaby, Ace and Tia as Di Island Crew.

With heartfelt messages of being true to yourself, treating others with kindness and respecting your family, this is just wonderful.

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