Bob vs The Selfie Zombies Blog Tour

Bob vs The Selfie Zombies by Andy Jones is a fantastic and funny book, completely unique and original. One for those children who love the retro feel of the 80s and 90s and the element of time travel.

Bob makes a shocking discovery- he can travel forwards in time to visit himself…and every time, he learns a bit more, understands a bit more and uses that information to help save the world…but how you ask? Well, this is a unique story! One of Bob’s school mates, Eno Fezzinuff, will go on to design an evil selfie stick that turns you into a zombie.

Bob, band mate Malcolm and odd friend Gloria must win the school talent contest so Eno can be stopped before his evil invention becomes a reality. When Bob gets the “time tingles”, he is never sure where he will end up but one thing is certain- he will need to explain himself to future Malcolm every time! Bob also has to be careful not to spill too many details to current Malcolm. It is a hilarious story with plenty of antics and eventful moments.

I think this would make for an epic class novel- preferably with someone who appreciates the puns, the nostalgia of Mickey Mouse watches and walkie-talkies and someone willing to do great voices!

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