Bloomsbury Readers

Bloomsbury Readers are a brilliant resource for children moving into chapter books and longer stories. These are created by award winning authors and illustrators, and are perfectly pitched for young readers. Covering all book bands, these are terrific stories and each has a set of resources in the back for asking questions, getting creative and encouraging deeper thought into the story.

These will be going into a school next week where I fully expect them to be gobbled up by hungry readers!

Halle and her family travel around in their home on wheels. Wherever they go, they are prepared with all they need and are always willing to lend a helping hand. Halle and her family are all very talented with tools and building things so they pitch in when a race goes wrong by making sturdier signs and a route map. Easy to read and with bright and fun illustrations, this book is banded Lime so great for early readers. Plenty of life lessons and understanding of different lifestyles to be shared with this story.
Keva lives above her Grandad’s pet store, Wild Friends and helps out at weekends. This one particular Saturday, Grandad has to go for a medical checkup at the hospital. When Keva and her mum visit, they bring Atlas, their Giant Tortoise with them. Mr Sallow, the hospital manager threatens to give Atlas to the wildlife park. His no pets allowed policy is a strict one. Keva learns the truth behind this policy and aims to fix it. A charming story about friendship and the power of animals to heal.
Rida and Madi are chalk and cheese, as different as sisters can be but throughout this story, they learn to appreciate each other and value their individual strengths. When their local library floods, a huge community fundraising event is planned and both girls intend to do their share of raising money. It doesn’t always go to plan and there are hiccups along the way but ultimately, the girls figure things out and make the most of being sisters. A brilliant story of sisters, reading and friendships.
JoJo and his Dad are moving into a new flat where it seems gloomy and uncertain. On their first day, JoJo meets Daria who is drawing in chalk in the stairwells trying to brighten the place up. He also meets his new neighbour Mrs Malone and discovers a mystery. JoJo and Daria work together to solve the mystery but it isn’t what they think! First impressions are challenged in this story and new friendships formed. Jojo has learned a bit more about himself as well!
Sisters Daisy and Libby are well versed in pixie legend, having lived on Dartmoor all their lives. They confidently ride their bikes everywhere and can recognise pixie tricks when they spot them. Leaving some treats out for the pixies one afternoon, the girls find their entries for the village fete are better than ever, including a very life like mini scarecrow. Someone else has their eye on the scarecrow so they can sell it to the highest bidder! However, pixie tricks are being played again- can the girls help? Legendary, fun and full of tricks, this is a super story.
When Ada and her family move to a new town, she gets a strange vibe from the local people. When she starts a new paper round, she meets the community but also finds herself drawn to a strange wall of fog near the mayor’s home. Walking into, she discovers a community of banished folk, magical relatives of those living in Ada’s new town. Ada soon discovers she is the key to bringing both communities together again and reuniting loved ones. Terrifically told, it’s full of family, friendship and magic.

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