Hotel of the Gods Blog Tour

Written by Tom Easton, Illustrations by Steven Brown and Advocate Art Ltd, Published by Hachette Children’s

Atlas and Ariadne live with their parents who work very hard to make ends meet. On a typical Tuesday, Atlas visits his dad at The Codfather, his fish and chip restaurant for his tea. There he meets a sleek black cat who he shares his fish with. The cat follows Atlas home and he is worried about being evicted as there is a strict no pets allowed policy. Atlas wishes they would get evicted so they could live somewhere better!

Atlas has had a few run ins with local bully Eris and her friends and tired of being picked on, Atlas throws his milkshake at her and runs off. The next day a surprise letter arrives offering the family live in jobs at a wonderful hotel. As an opportunity too good to pass up, they head off. Could the cat and the wish be connected?

This is no ordinary hotel, as they quickly duck Thor’s flying hammer as they arrive. They also meet Maui, Venus, Mars and Bastet. Gods, Goddesses and Heroes stay in this hotel and Atlas’s family need to quickly adapt to this new style of life!

Maui, as a trickster, leads Atlas to Hades and here the trouble truly begins. When the door to hell is opened, harpies, Cerberus and a Chimera escape. Atlas must get them all back into the right place and tidy up the chaos in their wake. A true test for how the family will cope in their new home.

Funny, adventurous and filled with brilliant characters, this is a new series I will highly recommend. Coming soon, Vikings on Vacation! I will definitely be investing in this series.

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