Alex Neptune, Pirate Hunter by David Owen

This brilliant publication day pack arrived courtesy of the wonderful team at Usborne!

Spotting this on Netgalley, I rushed to request as I loved Alex Neptune so much. The sequel definitely does not disappoint. Alex is trying to master his new-found magic and power of the oceans with best friends, Anil and Zoey. They still bicker but good naturedly, overall!

Alex has noticed a strange man following him over the summer and as they try to solve that mystery, a band of pirates has surged into Haven Bay. With a small advance warning from a young girl named Meri, the town get behind Alex and scare the pirates off.

Having been warned about his magic, Alex must watch his back and protect himself from those who would use that power for personal gain! Perhaps the man following him is there for that reason…

This is a phenomenal adventure of friends working together to save the world’s oceans, save the Water Dragon’s egg and stop a mad man from doing damage to them all.

Alex is a likeable character, one who has hidden depths of courage. His friends have their own strengths that help them through a set of unbelievable challenges, battles with pirates and the threat of plastic to the world’s oceans. No small feats!

Knowing there is a third book still to come has me smiling and waiting impatiently for more from Alex!

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