A Passing on of Shells by Simon Lamb

This is a superb collection of poetry, all poems with only 50 words making them quick to read. However, do not think they will not be deep, meaningful or brilliant just because the word count is low.

In fact, I paused a few times to take in the true meaning of so few words. I enjoyed all of the poems and felt they could really be used well in a school to promote poetry and to take away the fear of writing a poem.

Reading any of these aloud would allow students to see the power poems offer writers and the ease with which one can begin, as these are a collection without a common theme, other than their length.

Anything to do with stories, writing and adventure always captures my imagination and this is the first poem in the collection and it is superb.

All of the poems are unique and “elevated”, as Simon Lamb exclaims about Chris Riddell’s illustrations. Not just painting a picture worth a thousand words but elevating the poems off the page.

I loved the succinctness and dark humour of this mystery in 50 words!

Scallywag Press have done well to begin their poetry collection with this debut collection by Simon Lamb.

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