Top 5 Picture Books for a more Inclusive Mother’s Day by Zoey Allen

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Reading to your children is such an important thing to do I believe. Not only does it help to introduce new ideas and vocabulary to your children, but it is also a fantastic way to create bonding time. Picture books are also the best first step as you get the thrill of the story alongside some visually stimulating illustrations which can help create a more interactive experience. The images can invoke questions and help to develop discussion around elements of the story, and also help to develop the child’s imagination even further.

Here’s my top 5 picture books for a more inclusive mother’s day;

1. Anyone Can Be My Friend – written by Marnie Willow, illustrated by Jana Curll.

This is a wonderful book celebrating a diverse array of people from all around the world. With LGBTQ inclusivity, varying religious and cultural backgrounds, as well as those with disabilities, it shows how we are all people simply looking for a friend.

Every single person in this world is unique and all the little bear wants is to make friends. Through its colourful illustrations and simple story telling, Anyone Can Be My Friend is a wonderful book which promotes inclusion and acceptance no matter our differences.

Get your copy here.

2. Timid – written and illustrated by Harry Woodgate

Timid is a vibrant tale of the flamboyant Timmy. Timmy loves to perform, dancing and singing whilst wearing some amazing outfits, but Timmy is shy. When their classmates are preparing for the school play, Timmy so desperately wants to get involved but their anxiety sometimes gets in the way.

The book beautifully explores not only the concept of a non binary child, but also the challenges when faced with anxiety. It is done so in a very gentle way, with the suppressed feelings being depicted as a lion, roaring to get out. Timid lets us see how overwhelming these feelings can sometimes be, but when we are able to overcome them, we can do anything we put our minds to.

Get your copy here.

3. It’s OK to be Different – written by Sharon Purtill, illustrated by Sujata Saha

It’s OK to be Different celebrates diversity in many shapes and forms, whether you are tall or short, whether you like to swim or dance, there’s so much inspiration to be found here. The story teaches us that every child is unique, and we all face different struggles, but if we can all simply be kind, the world will be a better place for everyone. Some children may not look alike or even have the same abilities, but can often find that they share similar interests and almost always find some common grounds from which to build true friendships.

With themes encompassing diversity, racism, anti-bullying, disabilities and kindness, It’s OK to be Different tackles difficult topics in a child friendly way, helping us all be more understanding and kind to those around us.

Get your copy here.

4. My Mums Love Me – written by Anna Membrino, illustrated by Joy Hwang Ruiz

My Mums Love Me is a story of a same sex couple and their super cute baby. It is such a bright and colourful book and would be really visually stimulating for any young child. With cuddles, kisses and love galore, this book shows how couples and families can come in many forms, but their love for each other is what makes them beautiful and strong. 

This is a very gentle and calming book which is teeming with love and affection. With simple rhymes to help connect with the child, it is a great book to help portray a close knit same sex parent family.

Get your copy here.

5. Mums Are Magnificent – written by Simon Philip, illustrated by Dawn Lo.

Mums Are Magnificent is a celebration of all the wonderful things that Mums can do and all the different ways in which Mums can be. Mums can play, they can be there for you as a friend, they can be pilots and so much more! Sometimes they can be loud and embarrassing, but they are always your number one fan.

Featuring Mums of all kinds of backgrounds and situations, this book is a great tool to show how different yet utterly magical Mums can be. 

Get your copy here.

And of course, as an additional choice, you can always check out my debut picture book ‘My Momma Zo’ which is beautifully illustrated by Tara O’Brien. It tells of how a transgender mother, who used to be called Daddy, is lovingly accepted by her family through the eyes of her daughter Molly. With challenges and adventures along the way, it is a great way to introduce even more diversity and inclusion during your storytime.

Get your copy here.

If you would like to find more inspirational books which challenge diversity and inclusion, why not check out 5 LGBTQ/Gender Diverse Children’s Books to Read?


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