The Butterfly Club, The Mona Lisa Mystery by M.A. Bennett

I make no secret of the fact that I am a huge fan of the The Butterfly Club books. They have captured my imagination since their fated trip on the Titanic and then into the tombs of ancient Egypt.

Luna, Konstantin and Aidan have learned so much about the future of the world, and it is not all good. War is in the future for them and some of those atrocities have been forewarned. However, The Butterfly Club has a new mission, just a couple of years before the outbreak of WWI.

They want to steal the Mona Lisa, a painting, that at the time is often overlooked and unremarked upon. The plan to steal it becomes intertwined with a greater plot for the team, one that will not sit morally with Luna.

I love these time travelling tales, based within events in history, with the knowledge that only small changes can be made, war cannot be stopped, ships will still sink…but small changes can be made. Friends can perhaps be saved.

The friendship and relationships between the characters has grown and changed over their missions and we can see challenges that lay ahead for this intrepid trio.

A fourth book is previewed and it will certainly have me waiting impatiently for publication!

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