Circus Maximus Rider of the Storm Blog Tour

There is no denying the storm of praise and publicity that have followed this series since its first book was published. Fast, fierce and female, this is a series to empower and ignite!

Dido has been on the hunt for the truth and her determination to continue that search brings us into book 3 where things escalate as she returns to Circus Maximus. I think many people, including me, love this series for Dido alone. She is the ultimate heroine- true, loyal and courageous, not to mention intelligent and gifted with animals, particularly her beloved horses.

Set in a period of history where girls were deemed less, men could be brutal and life was uncertain for many, Annelise Gray brings the entire Roman world to life. Richly described and filled with a sensory overload of brilliant depictions of life.

With all great things, there must be an end and so is true of Dido’s story! No spoilers here but grab a copy of this trilogy and get lost in time!

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