Faruq and the Wiri Wiri blog tour

So much colour and vibrancy fill the pages of this book, each page a delight for the senses and there is a true sense of wanting to smell the culinary delights from Faruq, Grandma Ajee and Mrs Joseph.

Initially, Faruq is ushered outside to play football, not encouraged to learn how to chop, sift, stir or cook but his dream is to be a chef and create delicious meals for his family.

When Grandma Ajee feels poorly, Faruq does not cancel the big lunch planned and sets to work with a little help from Mrs Joseph to feed his family. First though, he helps to heal his Grandma with a spicy soup, made with wiri wiri peppers.

A gorgeous story of a boy wanting to follow his dreams and share his love via his cooking. Filled with Caribbean culture, vibrant food and a loving family, readers will immerse themselves in this wonderful story.

An additional extra is the recipe for Guyanese Lime Cookies, which I had my own son help to prepare. Mine does not want to be a chef but he understands the importance of cooking as a skill and as a way to share kindness and love!

The hat fit him perfectly and the finished cookies were a huge hit as you can tell from the absence of a photo! Left to cool, they quickly disappeared!

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