Books with an Environmental Message

The environment takes a prominent place in books today, all working hard to educate the next generations of the beauty in the world and easy ways to ensure the planet lasts for thousands more years. These gorgeous books are tied together with the string of environment and sustainability. Perfect for classrooms, libraries and homes- there is something for everyone.

Who Owns the Woods by Emily Hibbs and Jess Mason, Published by Little Tiger
A child’s curious question leads them on an adventure to discover who owns the woods they walk through. Told in delightful rhyme and with the most extraordinary illustrations, the simple woodland walk becomes a quest to discover who owns the space. Is it the creepy Crawlies, birds or mammals? We all know the answer but the old trees speak their truth that they were here first and will outlast us all. The brilliance of a woodland is truly brought to life as all that live within and call the space home are shown to co-exist naturally, with their own spaces and skills to survive. Respect of all species and their natural home is celebrated along the walk and sends a positive message to all readers.
The World that Feeds Us by Nancy Castaldo and Ginnie Hsu, Published by Words & Pictures
There is so much valuable information contained in this book and it is perfect for dipping in and out of. Readers are invited on a trip around the world and through the seasons to discover farming methods, sustainable techniques and ways we can continue to develop farming to feed the world. The smallest of farms and urban environments is shown amongst the larger, traditional style farms, showing the diversity of methods and crops. Amongst the farms, there is a fascinating glimpse into preservation, caring for animals and varieties of food to tempt the hungry! The illustrations are colourful, detailed and very well researched. A joy of a non-fiction book!
A Little Dose of Nature by Dr Alison Greenwood and Anneli Bray, Published by Ivy Kids
Printed on recycled paper, this book promises to help readers discover the good that nature offers us. Based on 5 “key ingredients” found in nature, science has proven the beneficial effects of being outside. Using this book as a guide to nature and finding happiness outside, there are plenty of brilliant activities to test out. From making mud pies to mandalas, breathing deeply and listening carefully, nature can offer fun, happiness and mindfulness opportunities. Beautifully illustrated, the premise is simple and the book is very accessible for a variety of ages. A great gift for a family as we head into spring and a better chance to be outdoors.
Counting in Green, 10 Little ways to help our big planet by Hollis Kurman and Barroux, Published by Otter-Barry
A brilliant book that will appeal to the youngest of environmentalists and the generation who can really make a change! 10 little ways to help is also counting up from 1 to 10 making sure it’s rhyming charm appeals to young readers. Simple rhyming text is memorable and chant-able for readers to remember and make those changes in daily life. The simplicity of the small things are likely already known to the reader, from using reusable bags, recycling and planting trees. Barroux’s well loved style of illustration is beautifully matched with the text. I will be sharing this one with our youngest of readers in the library.
When I grow up I want to…Look After the Planet Noodle Juice and Flavio Remonitti, Published by Noodle Juice
Noodle Juice are a new publisher and they are making a splash with their brilliant titles, just like this one, which promotes jobs and work that help to protect the planet. For a younger reader, it highlights some jobs that perhaps may be unfamiliar but will appeal to this next generation. From well known scientists to zookeepers, there are also recycling experts and foresters. Small bursts of text on colourful backgrounds make this a super easy book to read and look through. This is just one in the series so having the complete set would be perfect for classrooms.
Pedro Loves Saving the Planet by Jess French and Duncan Beedie, Published by Happy Yak (Quarto)
Part story, part information, there is plenty to read and learn from meeting Pedro. He loves our planet and shares this enthusiasm throughout his adventure at an eco-cabin. His friends, Ava and Bella are also on hand to learn and they each have their own story to share as part of this new series. This book introduces some great concepts and the science involved, from solar panels, electric cars and composting. Pedro also explains the Seven R’s from reducing to rotting it down, it certainly expands on the three big ones, making readers think a bit more carefully. The illustrations are excellent across the series!
The Extraordinary Book that Invents Itself by Alison Buxton, Helen Bell and Pintachan, Published by Weldon Owen
This is a superb concept of a project based book. Entirely reusable and recyclable, each page is a project that can be done directly using the pages of the book. All you need is some simple tools, easily found around the house and you have over 30 projects ready to build, construct or create. Bold, colourful and engaging, this is the best rainy day book out there. I love the design, range of activities and skills that need to be put to work, not to mention the amazing opportunities to learn new things. The instructions on each page can be cut out, saved and tried again and again, ensuring a bit of a legacy with this book.
Ava Loves Rescuing Animals by Jess French and Duncan Beedie, Published by Happy Yak (Quarto)
Having just met Pedro, we have his friend Ava to meet. Ava loves animals. She lives with her grandparents at their animal rescue centre and she is constantly learning about different species, their individual needs and how to care for them until they can go home. Throughout Ava’s book, we learn about reptiles, mammals and record breakers, as well as lifecycles and the protection of species. Animal lovers will find plenty of great facts within this book in it’s easy to read format. The illustrations are brilliant and suit the style of book perfectly.

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