The Boy Who Made Monsters by Jenny Pearson

I was a weepy mess….but I loved every minute of my adventure with Benji, Stanley and Murdy.

Jenny Pearson is one of the loveliest authors out there and she has such an incredible voice when writing books. Filled with humour but dealing with sensitive subjects and heartfelt moments- all are woven through with a plot that has you fully invested.

Her characters are wonderfully written and relatable, funny yet heartfelt. This story got me right in the feels…..grief, hope, family and coming to terms with our inner monsters is written beautifully, with some true nuggets of laugh out loud power mixed in.

Stanley and Benji have lost their parents and neither is coping overly well though they both portray someone coping better than they are. Sent to Scotland to live with Uncle Hamish, they discover a pigeon faced man threatening to bulldoze their new home and the holiday lets. Uncle Hamish owes McGavin a lot of money and the worries are mounting.

New friend Murdy and Benji believe their to be a monster in the Loch they live near, the Loch Lochy Monster and set about trying to prove it in order to save Uncle Hamish’s house and business. A few hiccups along the way are expected, some quite funny and others more sad.

There are a trio of girls, who Jenny Pearson compares to a pedal bin when they open their mouths to laugh. It is quips like that which had me giggling aloud.

As we discover through the story, Benji and Stanley both need to deal with their emotions, grief and new family before they can move on to rediscover happiness and laughter, and Togetherness as brothers.

Incredible storytelling yet again from one of the best there is!

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