The Lizzie and Belle Mysteries, Portraits and Poison by J.T. Williams

Lizzie and Belle captured my heart in their first book, Drama and Danger. I am so pleased to see a second mystery with their fully formed detective agency, Agents of History, Partners in mystery. Sisters in solving crime!

Sons and Daughters of Africa are disappearing from London streets, forced into hard labour, working for cruel men and women and being forced to sit for paintings where they are shown to be in servitude to those who would use this to boost their claim to wealth.

Dragged into this mystery are Lizzie and Belle, whose families have recently sat for a portrait together, showing friendship and unity. This painting is stolen and there is a greater plot afoot led by the Masters of Men, a group dedicated to slavery and the purchasing and ownership of slaves.

Lord Mansfield’s Somerset Ruling has threatened Hugh Hartmoor, leader of this movement and so danger is plotted against Lord Mansfield and his family, as well as those who would stand by them.

This adventure story is fraught with danger, deadly poisons and devious men!

Can Lizzie and Belle save the day, find their painting and locate their friend, Mercury who has been missing since book one? This series is amazing!

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