The Stories Grandma forgot (and how I found them) by Nadine Aisha Jassat

This is a powerful and empathy laden story of an inter-generational family, a mixed heritage girl discovering racism and the hunt for truths.

Nyla lives with her Mum and Grandma. Grandma sometimes goes “time-travelling” within her Alzheimer’s and there are good and bad days. With mum working two jobs, much of the care falls to Nyla and she is carrying heavy weights on her shoulders.

Nyla knows her father died when she was 4 but with her grandmother’s magic memory, she begins to wonder if there is more to the story than she has been told. Piecing together hints and clues, Nyla starts to “time-travel” herself, finding her future within her past. What she discovers is emotional, wonderful and heartfelt. Her hunt for the truth will bring about a painful realisation but also a joyful reunion and the coming together of past, present and future.

The characters in this story are beautifully written and they leap off the page and into the heart of the reader. Their relationships are real- filled with promises, occasional let-downs but always love. I love the librarian and the role she plays in Nyla’s world, bringing hope, understanding, empathy and strength to her.

The format of this verse novel is wonderful. You can’t skim or skip words as each one is specific and necessary. The entire story is threaded with words that are as important as Nyla’s quest.

Empathy building, relatable and important- coming in May, this is a vital story!

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