The Rage of the Sea Witch Blog Tour

Billy Shaman is first introduced to the reader as he is abandoned by his parents for the summer holidays. Any hopes he has of accompanying them on their own adventures are quickly dashed as they speed off. He is to spend the summer with the Cripts, who are strange and tell him not to touch any of the exhibits in their museum.

Feeling bereft and frustrated, he finds himself outside and perched on a rock. The rock moves, albeit slowly, and Billy is introduced to a talking tortoise who used to belong to Charles Darwin. It turns out that much of the house contains items owned by this famous explorer.

Finding himself drawn to the exhibits, Billy explores the Inuit room. Once he enters the room, he is transported to the icy cold Arctic. He meets a young girl and an older man. When the unexpected happens, Billy’s summer becomes a race against time and an eventful, strange time.

As a reader, it is a fascinating story. One that I thoroughly enjoyed but also found strange and thought provoking, especially around the idea of museums and their exhibits. Billy is a brilliant character and I look forward to reading more of his adventures.

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