Over My Dead Body by Maz Evans

Maz Evans is an extraordinary talent. Her children’s books are award winning, funny, heartfelt and entirely brilliant. All of her characters are awesome and, in her adult fiction, Miriam Price is no different, although she is now dead!

Over My Dead Body is Maz’s new adult fiction and she has written a belter of a story. We meet Dr Miriam Price as she watches the police investigate her death. She knows she was murdered but has no way to prove it.

As she arrives in limbo she is told the bad news that she will remain there until her actual time of death was supposed to be. Finding out she was meant to live until she was 96 leaves her with fifty years to plan. However, if she can prove she was murdered she can go to the afterlife.

How can Miriam prove her murder when no one can see or hear her. Luckily or unfortunately, for Miriam, there is a possibility of help. Her arch nemesis, and neighbour Winnie can see and hear her but isn’t entirely willing to help. Their four year feud, over a dead cat, has taken its toll and there are bridges to be built here.

There are plenty of suspects to investigate with some very interwoven threads. It kept me guessing pretty well until the reveal which, to me, is the sign of a perfect mystery!

A brilliant story of murder, righting wrongs and learning truths. A corker of a story!

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