Animal Factopia Blog Tour

From the chunky hard cover through the 400 facts and out the other side, this is a veritable treasure trove of wild and wonderful facts about animals.

This is the 4th volume of Factopia and there are a further four still to come! I can’t wait, as I can’t keep these in stock enough to compete with demand! I think what readers like is the ability to follow facts through a link and along a trail that leads you into the unknown.

It’s like an exciting vortex of facts and you never know just what weird and wonderful things you might learn. A particular favourite in this book was the “Fact Frenzy” which was a double page spread filled with extra facts. I can imagine a class of readers going on a “fact frenzy” with this entire series with prizes for weirdest fact found!

From fossils and pre-historic creatures to unicorns and all animals in between, there are plenty to keep readers learning and laughing. Did you know that when a zebra is startled, it farts? Or that a polar bears paws can be the size of a frisbee?

The brilliant mix of illustration and photo across the entire series adds an extra dimension to the understanding and enjoyment of the book. You can’t help but linger on each page studying the extra details.

The perfect series of non-fiction book for home and school- add these to wishlists and shopping carts! You won’t regret it!

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