Lost on Gibbon Island Blog Tour

Anything that Jess Butterworth writes is pure gold in my opinion and I will always pick up a title by her and recommend them widely. When I spotted Lost on Gibbon Island hiding away on Netgalley, it was an immediate reaction and a must have situation. Luckily the kind and amazing folk at Hachette have pre-approved me and I can read to my hearts content.

And read I did…I spent a luxurious and sometimes worried couple of hours with Lark and Goldie as they navigated island life and basic survival skills.

Written as a diary entry to come to terms with the events of her week, Lark writes about her trip to Cambodia with environmental journalist Mum, her dad and brother. When Lark stows away on a boat trip, she has no idea just how much this decision will impact her life. She finds herself washed up on an island with a baby gibbon and nothing else.

Scouring the beach for items, food and water, Lark keeps herself going by writing. Giving herself daily tasks to ensure she and Goldie survive. As the days turn into a week, Lark spots another island and becomes determined to reach it but there are box jellyfish and sharks within those waters and she will need to be careful.

Building a raft, she eventually makes it, only to find she has stumbled into the path of the very people who crashed into her boat, who are stealing gibbons and trying to kill journalists. Life is not only about surviving the island, it has become more deadly and dangerous than ever. Lark finds an ally in an unlikely place and it will take courage, determination and love to set things right.

Powerful, emotive and brilliant. I read it in one sitting and having been to Cambodia, I could imagine the scenery, feel the heat and hear the sounds of the jungle. They are described brilliantly within the story, transporting the reader to the island, it’s sights and sounds.

I was lost in Lark’s story and the greater story of animal smuggling, free speech and protection of endangered species. Another complete triumph for Jess Butterworth.

Please see below for a super activity pack to accompany the book!

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