My Name is Sunshine Simpson by G.M. Linton

Sunshine has a loving and much appreciated relationship with her Grandfather, Bobby. He lives with the family and plays a huge role in their lives. He and Sunshine have a beautiful bond and she turns to him for advice, cheering up and confidence boosts.

Evie Evans is relatively new to Sunshine’s school and they have been paired together as buddies. Sunshine has led Evie around and shown her the how’s and why’s of the school. Lately, there is an undercurrent in their friendship. Barbed comments and strange looks are being shared and Sunshine’s confidence is taking a huge knock. On top of this, Grandad Bobby is losing weight, feeling tired and resting more and more.

With news of a Golden Jubilee assembly to perform, Sunshine can barely keep up. There is too much happening and her life is feeling turbulent and uncertain.

This story is powerful and honest. Gripping in its characters, you can’t help but fall under the charm of Grandad Bobby, his heritage, songs and enthusiasm for the adventure that is life. As part of the Windrush generation, he knew hardships, racism and the loss of family and friends. However, his enthusiasm and love for his family strengthened him.

Sunshine puts all his knowledge and love into her assembly piece and there is a rush of love and understanding for her and this generation who came to rebuild the mother land after the devastation of World War II.

Sunshine deals with a lot in this story and it is the love of her family that sees her through. Read it with a box of tissues though! There are moments of pride and sadness intermixed with “go girl” shouts from the audience.

What a book!

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