The Rescue of Ravenwood by Natasha Farrant

I could not stop reading this book! A firm message throughout the story is of family, belonging, and the importance of places. I loved that the family is one created over time with various parents, friends and new members always being welcomed. They all converge together and at the centre is the giant Ash which forms the basis for the entire story.

Character development in this story is one finely crafted by author Natasha Farrant. We meet Bea and Raffy on the day they arrive at Ravenwood as babies and 11 years later acting as brother and sister, for they never left this home and the ancient spirits that roam about this important home and their giant, ancient Ash tree, aptly named Yggdrasil.

Over the course of one summer plans will be hatched, accidents will happen and people displaced but the children in this story are determined, bold and ready to fight for what is vital.

Bea, Raffy and new arrival, Noa must come to grips with each other, figuring out their friendships as well as their relationships with the adults in their lives. Chaotic at times, the children must adapt and deal with an array of emotions.

This isn’t so much an adventure story but a tale that unfolds as a classic might, with a focus on the wonderful characters and their paths that converge together around the wondrous Ash tree.

Ideal for celebrating Earth Day and reminding ourselves on the importance and vitality of nature!

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