Silver Linings by Fiona Woodcock

Pip and Parker are the best of friends. They know each other so well that words aren’t always needed. Their actions can speak louder than the words they need.

Pip seems to struggle with seeing the silver lining throughout the day. It’s too windy, the flowers will miss their petals, the boat is lost but Parker, always seeing his glass half full, is there to share his bright side.

What happens when Parker makes a mistake and feels sad? Pip knows just what to do.

Fiona Woodcock is so talented in words and illustrations. This entire book sings with love and hope, positivity and friendship. The relationship between Pip and Parker is heartwarming and lifts the spirit as you watch them navigate their day. I love Parker’s exuberance for life and for finding the good out of the bad. Pip is a lucky girl to have a friend like him.

What a joyous story to share with a class to build resilience, empathy and friendship skills. A wonderfully rich book and a joy to read.

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