The Not-So-Uniform Life of Holly-Mei

There were so many resonance moments for me with this book. I couldn’t entirely relate to Holly-Mei as I was much older when I made the move from Canada to Hong Kong and it was my own choice to move there for work. But I do remember the journey, the mists over the city, the smells of the ferry to TST and the food, oh so much delicious food.

Holly-Mei is moving as her mother has a big promotion and it seems to come at the right time as she has fallen out with her groups of friends over a cheating incident at school. They have had enough of her blurting out things before she has thought them through.

This move to HK is her chance to find quang xi (the sweetness after the bitterness) and she finds plenty of opportunities at her new private school and with her cousins nearby. However, there will still be moments when Holly-Mei just can’t seem to help herself.

A brilliant story of belonging, embracing your culture and heritage and working together for the greater good, whether that be family, friends or school.

I Loved Holly-Mei and her sister Molly, not to mention Ah-Ma, the wise matriarch, who stills provides sage advice from across the miles.

I loved the references to growing up in Canada and the cultural differences between there and HK. It was so wonderful travelling back through my memories of the Peak Tram, Stanley market and shopping in Shenzhen.

I really feel the need to go back and revisit my old haunts!

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