Serpent of the Sands by Vashti Hardy

Incredible! Phenomenal!

There is always a very slight worry about stepping into a character’s story after they step out of a much loved trilogy. We had met Gan before with Arthur and Maudie Brightstorm and while she was a brilliant ally and clever girl, I wasn’t sure what I would think of her own story.

It turns out I deserve a slap on the wrist as I loved it and want more already. I love her bravery, determination and true sense of justice and love for her family and the citizens of her home, The Citadel. When Timor falls gravely ill, Gan decides the Serpent of the Sand story she heard growing up was true and sets off to discover the serpent and the mysterious healing cactus garden.

She meets and befriends Thorn along the way and they will head into the unknown with a simple story to guide them. Luckily being a princess helps Gan as she is able to find clues, make arrangements and find help in unlikely places.

The sapient creatures are finding life tough as the HAC demand them to be tracked and controlled. Gan, Thorn and others know they are not cruel and they deserve the right to freedom but this is a battle that continues.

There is much work to be done and a further few super-sapients, or numina to be found. I loved the continued correspondences with the Brightstorm twins and the arrival of Arthur towards the end. Perhaps a new adventure awaits the pair!

More! more! more! I feel like I am in a theatre shouting encore!

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