The Attack of the Robot Librarians by Jenny Pearson and Sam Copeland

It is so nice to be back with Tuchus and Topps! Their banter, complete misinterpretation of each other and their overwhelming sense of being the authority in spy- detectivising is a brilliant mix. Throw in an ancient Scottish gargoyle with Creeping Crevice Moss and you have all the elements needed for a story to make you chuckle, shake your head and perhaps even shed a tear.

Little Strangehaven Primary has undergone some changes over the summer holidays and Miss Stranglebum is back, sending Lenny and Agatha into spy mode. With Pedal Power bikes in place of desks, the children are told they are helping to create a green school, using the bikes to save the world.

Agatha, Ernie, the funny glue licker, and Lenny find themselves peddling in class trying to earn a top spot on the leader board. Lenny is cursed from riding a bike and has to borrow a trike from the younger years, Agatha is intent on making her family proud and Ernie has changed beyond all recognition.

With a laboratory full of exciting and strange gadgets, the spy duo find themselves in new pots of trouble…from transmogrification to rocket boots, laser shooting owl librarians and a gang of evil crime bosses. It all culminates in farts, amoebas and monkeys!

Utterly bonkers and entirely brilliant, this series is top of my list for readers 8+. Can I also recommend that you try the audio book for The Underpants of Chaos as it is brilliantly read by the authors themselves and is utter perfection!

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