To Blog or Not to Blog- Where is the time?

Hello Blogging World!

It has been some time since my last blog and I am, in all honesty, in awe of those who can regularly keep up the reviews, opinions and time to make their blogs amazing. 

I started my blog to show how we use advent in our family to encourage a love of reading and to enjoy the build-up to Christmas.  I started it in late November and then each (almost) day I would photograph the books we opened that day and share our opinions on them.  It was fun and I loved interacting with twitter and with those who reached out via my blog.  It was a wonderful time!

Now, back to work full time……how do I squeeze it all in?  How do I ensure I am relevant, engaging and attracting to readers?  I have started to do my homework and am reading a lot of blogs and taking notes on what I like, what I think might suit me and ways to move forward.

I read blogs and I enjoy browsing them….but how do I compete in a full bookshop of book bloggers?

I have asked a few popular book bloggers about how they manage work, family and blog commitments.  Responses varied but overall the bloggers said it shouldn’t feel pressured to write, or that will come across to readers.  Passion should be your drive and above all else find a way to ensure you have time to dedicate to it, whether that be weekly or daily.  Someone posted on twitter last week about going easy on yourself as a blogger.  I wholeheartedly related to that post- sometimes I won’t be able to blog, sometimes I will be too tired or have nothing new to say and that is ok. 

All bloggers start somewhere and some go on to become the hugely popular, go to blogs, while others stay current and are read and enjoyed.  I hope to become the latter in the nearest future and perhaps the former in a year or two.  Everyone needs a goal! 

I have decided to set a plan in motion to write on my blog, tweet about it and see how it goes. 
I am not here to compete with the book blogging giants but I am here and that is something!

I plan to return again soon!

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