The Girl with the Shark’s Teeth

I have had a lovely afternoon diving deep into unknown worlds with Minnow, Raife and Mercy.  

This book is simply wondrous.  I loved so much about Minnow and the mystery surrounding her silver teeth, the scars along her neck and her superb swimming abilities.  Her bravery, determination and love for her Mamma is intense and it is these qualities that lead her on the dangerous adventure to save her Mamma, Merfins and the Wild Deep from the Wanderers.  
Steeped in folklore, myths and legends, this adventure draws on all we think we believe about sea creatures, real or mythical, and turns it upside down.  Merfin are more than women with glistening, pastel coloured  tails, they are gloriously gorgeous creatures with dark skin and dreadlocks of shimmering colours.  
Minnow feels a sense of belonging with the creatures in the sea and in facing her demons, she discovers more about who she is and where she belongs. She truly meets her fears head on and realises all her mother has taught her through songs, stories and love is true and she must use those memories to guide her and lead her through Vintertide, Darkentide and to Somertide.  
There are wonderful characters throughout the story helping Minnow;
Raife is the unlikely best friend who sticks by Minnow through danger and perhaps life changing events.
Arielka, Minnow’s old wise grandmother, who we feel might also be part of the sea.
Ely and Mercy, Jah Jah and of course, Miyuki.  Miyuki is a husky who is Minnow’s best friend.  What story is complete without a best friend.  
Having read and loved the Harper series, I knew Cerrie Burrell was a talented author but this sets the bar higher now. 
I recommend anyone who loves heroines, adventure and ultimately a happy ending to read this. 
It is a joy from start to finish! 

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