Picture Book Perfect

There are so many wonderful, engaging picture books to get excited about. I love picture books and am drawn to them for so many reasons. I happily spend weekends reading and sharing picture books. My children still love to be read to and we always go back to some of our favourites.

The books in this week’s Picture Book Perfect series are set to become firm family favourites.

Up first is this gem….

Written by Joseph Coehlo, Illustrations by Robyn Wilson-Owen, published by Egmont

This book is stunning, emotive and comforting. The little girl doesn’t feel like talking or making noise. She doesn’t feel like running about and as we read through the story, we can understand why. Her family is suffering from the loss of her Mother. The family is grieving and the little girl is still learning how to deal with the myriad of emotions.

This book will help to comfort any children who sadly have to deal with the loss of a family member. It’s ok to feel emotions, to shy away and to want to hide. It’s ok to feel all you are feeling but it’s also ok to talk about these feelings. This book can open up those important conversations that will help children to understand their new world without a loved one.

The illustrations are gorgeous. I love the use of colours and textures. The pictures really bring Joseph Coehlo’s words to life and I found myself studying each page, looking at expressions and small details.

A truly wonderful book that will help children deal with loss, grief and finding their way through the emotions.

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