The Girl Who Speaks Bear by Sophie Anderson

I asked the lovely and kind Jacob at Usborne if there was any chance that a copy of Sophie Anderson’s newest work of art was left behind….and somehow he managed to find one! I will be forever grateful!

I could not have been happier when this package arrived on the mat…

This must be one of the most anticipated books of the year, building up from watching the proofs be hand stamped to seeing them land on twitter in the hands of lucky readers.

I can attest that it is worth waiting for, will become an instant classic and most certainly a new favourite for many. I also predict accolades and awards.

We meet Yanka, a girl found in the woods as a baby. She is found and loved by her Mamochka but feels like part of her belongs in the forest. She has a best friend Sasha and a house Weasel named Mousetrap. When Yanka feels she has to leave her home, it is Sasha who she will miss and who wants her to stay. It is Mousetrap who helps her along her journey. What a journey it is…..I can’t say more as it will give amazing details away and I couldn’t take anything away from those discovering this joyous book for themselves.

This story is full of rich language, folktales and friendships. Yanka is courageous, curious and loyal. She yearns to know more about her past and we learn details from the interwoven folktales that all link together seamlessly.

Sit back and relax while Sophie Anderson begins “Once Upon a Time…”

This is simply stunning! Full of magic, courage and finding family along your journey!


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