The Longest Night of Charlie Noon by Christopher Edge

Christopher Edge is a master storyteller and infinite weaver of details and wonder.

Similarly to Jamie Drake and Maisie Day, I was left questioning what I read, challenging myself to figure out the intricate details and relationships. I love a book that challenges my imagination and my emotions. I had to re-read some of Charlie Noon as I felt I was missing something. This is a book to read properly, not skim through as those intricate details are essential to the entire story.

Charlie and classmates Dizzy and Johnny get lost in the woods and struggle to find their way back home. They must learn to work together to survive in this unknown, noisy and scary world. What seems real isn’t always so and revelations are made throughout the night. The events bring the three closer together and by the time morning dawns they are friends.

This is an incredibly unique story and I was left flabbergasted at the events taking place during the longest night, being lost in the woods. The sense of magic and mystery is intense and I savoured every moment reading it. This is one I will pick up again.


  1. I loved this – such an intricate read, full of twists and a great exploration of time. I also adored The Infinite Lives of Maisie Day – the ending was superb!


  2. I love the way Edge seeds the path with clues and hints of the temporal placement and shifts with certain vocabulary and things that may make someone blink then move on not realising it was a massive clue.


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