The Tzar’s Curious Runaways by Robin Scott-Elliot

This is a highly original story with elements of Russian folk tales, unique characters and a daring journey to find “home”.

Three mis-matched curiosities are escapIng the Winter Palace following the death of the Tzar. Peter the Great was a huge fan of the weird and wonderful, filling his palace with his Circus of Curiosities though now he has died, the Tzarina wants them rounded up and sent away. If an accident should befall them during this, then so be it.

Katinka, Alexei and Nikolai form an unlikely band escapIng the palace and travelling across Russia searching for safety. Before they make their escape, Katinka is given a map from her friend and scholar, Johann Daniel. Little does Katinka know just how special this map is! It will guide them and perhaps save them from time to time.

This is an enthralling, daring adventure and I loved every page. I really connected with the plight of the characters and felt such strong emotional pulls throughout. I couldn’t help but hope there was a happy ending. I was kept guessing as to whether there was a home for the 3 curiosities all the way to the last few pages.

An amazing debut novel and one to watch! I would happily read this book over again!

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