Fun for Younger Readers

There is a growing market for bright, colourful and engaging chapters books aimed at the 5-8 age group. Today I have read and reviewed 5 of my new favourites. Luckily my daughter is at the top of this age range and still loves to read shorter chapter books. We have enjoyed these together. My son who is now out of this range will secretly pick these up to enjoy in private. I know he does it and love him more for it. He feels the pressure to read intense, longer novels but I am just happy he is reading.

Agent Weasel and the Fiendish Fox Gang by Nick East

Published by Hachette

I first found this book at the FCBG Conference in April. Hachette had some sampler books and it appealed to me. I had to have it! I love the style of the illustrations and the choice of a weasel as the main character is brilliant. After devouring the sampler, I was left on a cliff hanger and so I started nagging Hachette for the full book- they were very patient with my requests and one day it landed on the doormat.

Agent Weasel is with WI6- he is a famous super spy. He is also clumsy and so the story begins….with a crash! However there is no time to be laying around, he has been given an assignment. Find out who is behind all the dastardly deeds happening in the woodland. Is it the criminal mastermind behind the FFG- the Fiendish Fox Gang?

As you can imagine, this is a funny, illustrated book full of action, adventure and mishaps! Perfect for younger readers and myself! The story is easy to read and follow along with and would make an excellent class book for reading aloud. It reminds me of the Mr Penguin series by Alex T Smith, also a favourite of mine.

There is a map at the front- a must have for action adventure stories! Excellent illustrations throughout the book bring Agent Weasel, Doorkins and the baddies to life.

Keep your eyes peeled for the second in the series….Agent Weasel and the Abominable Dr Snow! Already drafting my pleading emails to Hachette!

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