Humanimal: Incredible Ways Animals are Just Like Us

Written by Christopher Lloyd, Illustrated by Mark Ruffle Published by What on Earth Books, 10/10/19

A Stunning hardback volume full of powerful messages about the connections and similarities we have with animals.

The forward is an exceptional essay on human history of assuming animals were less intelligent, incapable of emotions and unable to communicate. However, when scientists observed animal behaviours at length, they realised how wrong history was. Christopher Lloyd has coined a new term to explain our commonalities, HUMANIMAL! I like it!

The contents breaks the book down into the three main areas of Community, Feelings and Intelligence. These main areas are further broken down further into subjects like teamwork, love and language.

This book is full of stunning illustrations of animals in their natural environments, being part of a community, showing emotions and speaking to each other.

The text is simply written, giving plenty of scientific fact and evidence but not too much to overwhelm a young reader. Frequent mentions of scientists studying particular animals are throughout the book, and at the back of the book there are short biographies of each one.

An original look at animals, this book is completely engrossing, worthy of praise and hours of time spent perusing and reading!

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