Blissful Weekend Reading, Mr Penguin!

Friday evening on Twitter I set myself a challenge…

I planned to read these 5 books over the course of the weekend. I know I can read at a good pace and these books helped in that they are so brilliantly written.

So I found a quiet space and began another blissful weekend of reading.

I am a ginormous Mr Penguin fan and have loved his previous adventures so it was an easy decision to begin with Mr Penguin and Colin.

Written and Illustrated by Alex T. Smith, Published by Hodder Children’s Books

Mr Penguin is an Adventurer, with the hat, satchel and fish finger sandwiches. Colin is Mr Penguin’s best friend, he is amazing at Kung Fu! Also joining these adventurers is Edith Hedge and Gordon.

Edith has persuaded Mr Penguin and Colin to go on a luxury cruise ship for some rest and relaxation. Finding slips of paper with mysterious messages, an interesting crew and a villainous girlfriend make this cruise more of an adventure than a relaxing one. Perhaps something is afoot and needs to be solved!

A fantastic adventure, full of spills overboard, diabolical schemes and unexpected outcomes- this is a perfect third in a series! Mr Penguin, Colin, Edith and Gordon form the ultimate crime solving squad with plenty of laughter in typical Mr Penguin style.

I can only hope there might be a fourth!

I adore the illustrations in the book and believe they make this a great transition book for younger readers looking for a more intense plot without the lengthy chapters. Both of my children, and I, adore Claude, Winston and Mr Penguin. They are a guaranteed purchase in our home!

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