Blissful Weekend Reading, The Girl Who Stole an Elephant!

Written by Nizrana Farook, Cover by David Dean, Published by Nosy Crow

This has been a long awaited debut….plenty of twitter publicity and anticipation. I was so pleased to have been sent a copy for reviewing. The cover is incredible and this is the proof copy. I can only imagine how lovely the final design will be.

We meet Chaya as she escapes the palace after stealing the Queens jewels….making it a very unique and quickly paced first chapter. Thieving features throughout the story with Chaya at the heart of it.

Chaya is a bold character and following her path is dangerous, yet she does it uncompromisingly and without a thought for herself. Blinded by a sense of justice in the face of hardship and adversity, she perseveres and pushes until she is heard. Chaya does all she can to protect her best friend Neelan and new friend Nour, even though exile or certain death could be the outcomes.

Fast paced, intense and full of courage, friendship and a sense of doing what is right even if it seems wrong. An absolutely stunning debut.

I couldn’t possibly say more as it is meant to be read and enjoyed. I wouldn’t want to give anything away or ruin surprises for the reader. Rest assured, it is worth it!

Watch out for this one….I can see it winning awards!

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