Non Fiction- New and Nifty

Bloomsbury Books and Cicada Books have some brilliant new non fiction titles, and I am very happy to have spent time reading them and sharing them with my kids.

Epic Tales of Triumph and Adventure
Discover the Stories of 66 Extraordinary Men and Women
Written by Simon Cheshire, Illustrated by Fatti Burke
Published by Bloomsbury
The colourful end papers featuring portraits of the extraordinary men and women in the book
An example of an epic tale, and the page layout to expect

With so many volumes being published about heroes, heroines, fantastic kids and amazing animals, a book needs to stand out from the crowd. This bright orange book does just that. The bold colours and illustrative style capture the imaginations of the reader as we delve into histories finest, heroes and villains! The common thread is their impact on history.

Covering history, both men and women who faced incredible situations, are introduced to the reader. From navigators and explorers to astronauts and pirates, there is a vast amount covered.

Many names will be familiar to children and adults but there were s few new epic adventurers to meet, such as Anne Bonny and Mary Read, both of whom were pirates. (See next photo). I enjoyed flipping between the pages, reading both familiar and unfamiliar tales. Both my children were asking questions about who, what, when, etc and so we spent more time searching for answers and placing people in a historic time line of events.

Subway Systems Around the World
Conceived and Illustrated by Uijung Kim
Published by Cicada Books
It features a map! Love a map in a book.
Example of a double page spread, featuring facts and items to find.

This book takes on subways around the world and shows us their uniqueness, fascinating facts and hoards of people travelling. The style of illustration is amazing and very bright and child friendly. This book spans the age ranges as there is truly something for all ages. From the facts and images of trains to the seek and find on the side, all ages will be entertained.

I spent so much time delving into the pages of this book, looking for small details and comparing facts between cities. The brickwork signs are awesome and really keep you in mind of the subways.

Subways are a quick and easy form of travel in most large cities and this will entice you to visit a few extras!

Into the Forest
Wander Through our Woodland World
Written by Christiane Dorion, Illustrated by Jane McGuinness
Published by Bloomsbury
The all important message of conservation and helping the environment
Sample page highlighting the beautiful illustrations

A large hardback edition, this would make a wonderful resource in schools and for those with an interest in nature and forests in particular. Looking at forests around the world, the reader can learn about deciduous, coniferous and tropical rainforests. Each has unique trees, animals and seeds to offer the world.

The illustrations are truly spectacular, with an incredible amount of detail added to the leaves, animals and forest floors. They are a joy to look at. Added to these are chunks of text explaining the images, and providing some fascinating facts about forests, Seasons and the life cycle of trees. I had no idea just how much I could learn about forests!

A lovely book to share with a younger reader!

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