Agent Zaiba Investigates: The Missing Diamonds

Written by Annabelle Sami, Illustrated by Daniela Sosa, Published by Stripes

I am officially an Agent Zaiba fan!

I love this brave, mystery solving girl. She has all the qualities of a secret agent and detective and puts her skills to good use on the night of her cousins Mehndi party. Her idol, Eden Lockett, is a book character who is also a detective, Zaiba carries a well thumbed Detectives Handbook with her everywhere, and refers back to it when stuck.

With her entire family in attendance, Zaiba is encouraged to do some detecting by Aunt Fouzia, who runs The Snow Leopard Detective Agency in Pakistan. Wishing for a similar career when she is older, Zaiba is keen to find and solve a mystery.

When a secret celebrity arrives at the hotel with her pampered puppy, Zaiba feels a case coming on. The puppy is wearing a large diamond on its collar and Zaiba is not surprised when the puppy runs away and the collar goes missing. But who is responsible? Where has the puppy gone and why is the hotel manager so angry?

Zaiba, best friend Poppy and little brother Ali explore, hunt, deduce and investigate. However, they must contend with a ruined Mehndi party, secret staircases and a duo intent on the diamond collar. Not to mention angry parents, roving reporters and shaken champagne crates.

An amazing book, full of funny scenes, intelligent detecting skills and a heart warming family with a lot of love to share.

Agent Zaiba will give readers a new heroine to look up to, a new sense of adventure and an aspiration to be who they want.

The illustrations are wonderful and the designs on the chapter headings are beautiful. (As they show up on a kindle)

Already excited about the next in the series!
Will be buying and recommending this one widely!

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