Extraordinary Blog Tour- Focus on Illustrations

Written by Penny Harrison, Illustrated by Katie Wilson
Published by New Frontier Publishing

This book is not an adventure for just the boy and his dog but for the reader. Beginning with a question, “Have you ever had an extraordinary wish?”. A question that asking those with huge imaginations sparks conversations and fun. A question that makes you think. With this book, it isn’t simply the words that get imaginations soaring, it is the illustrations. It is a visually stunning book, full of the high quality, colourful and detailed work of Katie Wilson.

Luckily, for the blog tour, she has sent over some examples of her sketches for the book. These are rough sketches yet I would still frame and display them as I think they are incredible. Katie’s talent is undeniable and I can’t wait to see what else she works on in the future. I have included pictures of her sketches alongside the finished images.

My favourite page in the book- this is my idea of the perfect day!

Stemming from the wild and wonderful wishes are the reminders of what you already have and do that are amazing. This books encourages its readers, young and old, to remember fondly, those experiences and events that form their world. Whether a family camping trip, fun in the snow or swinging on the swings. Those moments that bring a smile to your face. These ordinary moments are actually extraordinary.

This is a book that encourages children to dream big and aim high! It reminds them to relive the memories they love the most. I adored this book and the illustrations are powerful and match the text in its power for the reader.

This book is BEAUTIFUL. Thank you New Frontier Publishing for the gifted copy of the book, for allowing me to be part of the blog tour and a huge thank you to Katie Wilson for the sneak peek at her sketches and work!

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