Picture Book Perfect

This delightful counting book is something entirely new and unique. I haven’t seen a counting book quite like this one before. Counting up to ten, these frogs are practicing yoga and the position of each page is shown in a diagram in the corner along with the name of the position. From Lotus Pose, Half Moon Pose and tree pose, these yoga moves can be taught and and enjoyed by readers. Bright and colourful illustrations leap off the page. Yoga can be a wonderful form of exercise and a calming way to wind down the day. A great combination in a book!

As Mothering Sunday has just passed, this book made me think of all those mums celebrating and what a wonderful gift this would make. Not all Mums are the same and while we celebrate differences, sometimes another Mum seems better than others. However, your own mum is just that…yours. Through any faults, it is those cuddles at bedtime to make her even more special. Told in rhythmic rhyme and with Davey’s delightful illustrations, this book is a celebration of every Mum out there. Those that can sew, cook, dance and cycle, and those who sleep in, run late and sing opera badly.

A beautiful and enchanting story of hope, friendship and care. Amira wants to play hide and seek but upon opening an old suitcase, she discovers more than a hiding place. A small plant is attempting to grow and Amira knows just how to make it grow. Love, care, light and a drink…and someone to help! As the plant grows Amira’s emotions grow and new friendships blossom. Subtly illustrated with muted tones, this is a book full of wonder. Join Amira as she learns to hope and share kindness with the plant and new friends.

A year into lockdown and we have a new story to help us understand the challenges faced around the world. Molly lives on an island and must learn to cope in new ways when lockdown begins. This is a new title in the Molly series so Molly is a familiar character to readers. Being able to empathise with her situation, children in the UK and abroad will understand perfectly the wearing of masks, extra hand washing and fear when the virus arrives. A welcome book and one brilliantly written and Illustrated, this book should be in every school and home.

Dandy and Dazza are completely different, one clean and obedient, the other mucky and impulsive. A chance encounter at the park begins a hilarious tale of doggy friendship. When the pair take off, one lives up to his potential and the other lets her hair down, plenty of trouble follow along. From chasing to thieving and getting dirty the whole time, this pair of pups is having a blast. I love their different personalities and the fact that no matter how fancy, a dog will always want to chase and play, and wee on every post, pole and tree. Colourful and fun illustrations make this a joy to read and share with children.

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