The Bird Singers by Eve Wersocki Morris

A mythical tale interwoven with a summer holiday at the lakes. Layah and Izzie have grown up listening to and loving their Babcia’s tales and stories. Reading her great passion for myths, legends and mythical creatures in her book, the girls will use their grandmother’s knowledge and writing to help them solve a deep mystery involving their mother.

Layah is acutely aware of a supernatural energy surrounding their sudden departure from London and the devisiveness between their parent is incredibly unsettling for her. Her determination to figure things out may just save her.

Clues keep finding the girls in strange ways and for awhile nothing makes sense…it takes their Babcia’s book to help them see the truth and take steps to protect their family. Polish folklore and delicious sounding pierogies will make any reader keen to learn more about this culture and their traditions and beliefs.

Layah is fiercely loyal and her emotions run deep. Struggling with the damaged relationship between her parents, and worrying about her younger sister, Layah is angry and hurt. Discovering a lifetime of lies, she is unready to forgive but she will fight!

Brave, loyal and ultimately hopeful, Layah is a new heroine to love.

Dangerous, spooky and entirely exciting, I devoured this book. Twists, turns and shady characters will have you guessing which side they are on throughout the whole book.

Part myth, part fairy tale but full of mystery and family. What a great read aloud this would be for a class in KS2!

Eve, I love reading debut books, discovering new voices and perspectives, and this is just perfect! Congratulations! I am sure I am not alone in looking forward to what you write next!

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