Secrets Set In Stone by James Haddell

Thank you to James and Emira Press for the review copy and invitation to join the blog tour for book three in James’s incredible series, Tales of Truth and Treasure!

I have enjoyed all three books to date and admit I was worried about forgetting something from the past two adventures. Luckily, James has it covered with ample reminders and conversations that flash back to the perils and treasures.

Tia, her sister Meghan and best friend Pasco are still reeling from these past events, which have all been full of danger and a certain Mr Silverman. When they spot him on the site of the school grounds, Tia is even more concerned for herself and for his reasons. Stormhaven School is in trouble and needs financial support to keep going and the community is uncertain where this will come from.

Meghan and Tia find themselves overhearing Mr Silverman and an unknown woman discussing a hidden chamber and immediately set to finding a way in. When they do, it is filled with boobytraps and danger. These three children offer such a variety of strengths and abilities that they figure their way through with minimal injuries.

Tia is still searching for answers to her history and these answers are still to come to the reader…meaning more books, which is fantastic news! A bit more is revealed about Meghan in this story, and we get to meet Pasco’s dad!

A thrilling tale through underground chambers, chased by a slightly mad man and the hunt for Arthurian Legend will keep readers hooked through to the end…which is a pretty neat ending!

Don’t just take my word for how great these books are though! Check out the author reviews and the rest of the blog tour for more love being shared!

For teachers or school staff wanting to use these in the classroom, James has developed a set of activities in the back of this book and there are resources available on Twinl! use the link below to check them out.

Review for Book 1

Review for Book 2

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