Sleep-Over Take-Over by Simon James Green

Written by Simon James Green, Illustrations by Aleksei Bitskoff, Publishes 6 January 2022 with Scholastic UK

Simon James Green has an impeccable talent for creating hilarity out of the everyday. In Life of Riley, convinced he is a bad luck charm, plenty happens to Riley that is hilarious for the reader, not so much for Riley.

In Sleep-Over Take-Over, we have Otis as a main character, in Y6 and starting to plan for high school. His BFF, Jagger, will not be attending the same school and he is devastated, and without other friends to hang out with, is no longer looking forward to high school.

When Otis and Jagger are surprisingly invited to the popular boy, Rocco’s sleep over birthday party, they decide to attend, though Otis is hesitant. This is a party of epic proportions, with a chocolate fountain, entertainment and fair ground style rides. The parents are out of sight and so the children get hyped up on sugar and then crash!

Awaking the next morning is when the fun and trouble truly begin…Why is there a donkey? Where is Jagger? Why is Otis wearing a wedding gown?

The hilarity of this story is balanced with finding your crowd and accepting who you really are. I think children in Y6 are at this crossing and Simon James Green gives such a great insight and message of positivity and affirmation to readers of that age. They need confidence to be themselves, find their people and be happy!

I cannot wait to read this aloud to a class of Y6! I may not make it through without tears of laughter and then of joy and heart warming moments. It will be totally worth it!

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