The Secrets Act by Alison Weatherby

Written by Alison Weatherby, Publishes 6 January 2022

Bletchley park is a phenomenal setting for a book. While most know that it was a hive of activity during WWII, we know little of the exact work, blood, sweat and tears given by those chosen to work there.

In this tale, two young girls meet and form a friendship. As they get to know each other and meet new friends, tragedy strikes and the girls are thrown head long into a mystery. This is not just a simple murder but espionage at the highest level. Someone is a spy and the girls are now completely entwined, and perhaps framed.

Ellen is Neuro-Diverse and her ability to keep emotions and logic separated is a key skill that will help her to decode codes, look for clues and confront someone she thought she knew. Pearl is more emotional and chaotic but her fearlessness and determination may just save them all.

I loved this mystery, the twists and hidden agendas of those in the story. WWII was certainly a time of “loose lips sink ships” and uncertainty over who to trust but it was also a time to come together to protect secrets, friends and codes!

A brilliant book! It is so great to see a book with such depth for a younger YA audience!

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